Sneak Peek by Penguin

With screens taking over our lives, we are living in an age of declining attention span. Though we are constantly reading text messages, we don’t find the motivation to read books. Penguin Sneak Peek is an experience that introduces bite-sized readings in the form of text messages. Our WhatsApp chatbot ‘Peeky’ sends synopses of chapters from your desired books. You have control over what you wish to read and when, all safely stored in your WhatsApp archives. If you get hooked to a book, Peeky directs you to the Penguin bookstore. Our idea aims at seamlessly embedding physical books into our socio-digital world.

This project was our entry into D&AD New Blood Awards 2022.

Visual Design - Meghna N. Immanuel & Shreya Chatterjee
Strategy - Shraddha Agrawal & Carolina Alatriste, Research - Meghna, Shreya, Shraddha and Carolina

Project Year 2022 at the University of the Arts, London


Watch our video for the final resolution, here :)

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