Sun Verve - The Dawn of a New Brand

Sun Verve is a youthful and radical (futuristic and fictitious) brand that combines fashion along with solar power by designing lifestyle and fashion accessories not just for humans but for their bestfriends too. It was born from the ideology of changing the way people view fashion. Sun Verve’s products range from sunglasses, caps, wristbands to dog collars - all fitted with solar panels that can charge mobiles and earphones. That’s right, the future is here!

Brand Identity and Visual Design
Copywriting and Art Direction
Advertising and Marketing

Project Year 2022  



#BehindTheScenes of Sun Verve

I handpicked a group of 22 people who fit into my target group and could therefore be prospective customers of Sun Verve. They represent the age group of 18-45 years and are from different cities in the world that receive plenty of sunlight. I wanted to test out my ideas on them and get their feedback on board while building the brand. All the design decisions were made by taking into consideration the feedback received from the surveys from my focus group.

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