New Tea Centre

New Tea Centre, a family-run wholesale powerhouse with 50 years of expertise, sought a refresh to stand out in their bustling Kolkata marketplace. As a designer passionate about helping local businesses find their voice, I was eager to help. Their rich history deserved a visual identity that resonated with both loyal customers and a new generation of tea enthusiasts.

Brand Identity and Visual Design

Project Year 2024



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#BehindTheScenes of New Tea Centre

The Challenge:  The client wanted to retain the heart of their old logo, featuring the letters "NTC" within a cup. This presented a design challenge: incorporating that element while crafting a polished, professional brand identity that exceeded their expectations.

Old New Tea Centre: The New Tea Centre, previously lacking a cohesive brand identity, is now a force to be reckoned with. Their previous design, while well-intentioned, lacked visual consistency and a clear message. The rebranding delivers a strong and prominent presence, perfectly capturing their legacy and expertise.

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